In April 2016, Dena becomes ISO 9001:2015 certified with SAI Global.


Dena moves to a new building in June, 2015 with over three times the floor space as the previous facility.


To close out 2012, Dena purchased a brand new Mirae MX200LP pick and place machine capable of placing components as small as 01005 and an SJ Inno Tech HP-520S stencil printer with automatic 2D inspection. The new equipment is all in-line conveyor, supplemented with PCB loader and unloader for total automation.


Dena switched to all lead-free ROHS-Compliant solder, although it is still possible to do small jobs using leaded solder.


The reflow oven was upgraded to an Electrovert Omniflo5 to improve lead-free soldering quality.

An automatic wire processing machine and crimper were purchased to improve the efficiency of cable harness assembly processes.


Tige Gibson was also taken on to provide process and design engineering services, allowing Dena to develop higher quality, faster manufacturing processes, and help customers with their design and manufacturing related questions. Dena is now able to offer customers circuit schematic and PCB design services using Altium Designer. Tige also implemented new MRP software to keep track of our large inventory of standard components.

Dena Technologies began the process of developing an ISO 9001 quality system.


Dena took a giant step to bring Sharon Storoshenko on board. A sales and distribution veteran with 15 years experience, working at Electro-sonic and CircuitTest. Sharon’s primary role is to manage the purchasing and inventory of components for turn-key clients.


As the company success stories mounted, Sohail Kamal was promoted to Marketing Manager, as the needs of the company progressed from partnership development to brand plans and effective marketing management, multidisciplinary project management and budget administration.


Dena purchased brand new equipment, made in Switzerland: Essemtec CSM7100+ pick and place machine and Essemtec RO300FC reflow oven, which accelerated the turnaround of PCB assemblies. Essemtec equipment allows for rapid setup changes perfect for small volume production of a large mixture of products and provides automatic laser and visual system alignment.

Blake Bamford, a production supervisor for Dena for two years, was promoted to production manager, where he has been instrumental in refining production processes and improving quality. A production guru, Blake defines process requirements and implements changes quicker, with a strong focus on quality.


Rapid expansion began as management focused on building customer base and reputation.

Sohail Kamal was brought on board to manage partner development.

Dena moved to Burnaby from Abbotsford, expanding in both space and personnel.


Shabaz Hodjati founded Dena Technologies in 2001 with a strong focus on highly dedicated staff and the newest equipment. We continue to maintain that mantra with a commitment to building partnerships with satisfied customers.

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