Dena Technologies is a dedicated organization offering solutions to customers with complex, highly-diversified businesses. We understand that our customer’s success is our success, so we are dedicated to helping BC’s technology companies grow. This is evident in our business relationships, client relationships, bimonthly ElectroPulse newsletter, involvement in BCTIA and production of industry events.

But this does not mean we are a one-stop-shop. Far from it, we are known to be the quickest, high quality PCB assembly company in BC, and this dedication to quality and efficiency has led to our success and growth over the years.

Four scenarios where you will know you need to call Dena Technologies

  1. Quick turnaround of PCB boards, with a volume under 1000 boards per month
  2. Complex, dual layered, fine pitch requirements
  3. Effective procurement of your parts, to save you time, money and staff resources
  4. Expertise on production and procedural efficiencies

Call us at 604 765 0880.

Dena Technologies, The Fastest, High Quality PCB Assembly

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