Industry Expertise


Dena Technologies provides world-class design, manufacturing, and logistics solutions to BC’s technology companies. From prototyping to medium volume production, Dena Technologies works closely with customers to maintain a focus on product excellence.

There are industries in which we are committed to excel:

  • Communications products, requiring connection over the internet, wi-fi, satellite, PBX, or cellular network.
  • Radio frequency (RF) products, requiring special assembly processes, and sometimes requiring Rogers core material.
  • Industrial control systems, including products with LCD displays, and sensor modules.
  • LED lighting products, sometimes requiring aluminum MCPCB core material, and lens assembly.

The fastest, high quality PCB Assembly – its a tight focus – but one that allows us to meet your needs effectively. Our customers have noted that by using our manufacturing expertise, they have been able to focus on their core competencies, be it R&D, operations or marketing.