Dena Technologies does not specialize in wire and cable assembly, but we do offer this additional service to our PCB assembly customers who require it.

To this end we have a wire processing machine which can cut wires to specific lengths and strip them automatically. This model has the capability to process two wires simultaneously, provided that they are the same length with the same stripping setup and are not already twisted. This machine can be used to remove the outer jacket from multi-conductor cable, but the individual conductors need to be stripped manually. It can also be used to cut tubing such as heat shrink as long as the diameter is not too large.

Junquan ZDBX-3 Wire Processing Machine
Junquan ZDBX-3 Wire Processing Machine

Our solder pot is used to tin the ends of the wires if necessary or we can crimp contacts on to the ends of the wires using our pneumatic crimping tool. This system uses standard interchangeable dies. Some crimp contact manufacturers such as Hirose only sell expensive custom tooling, so please be careful when specifying crimp connectors that the required tool is readily available and inexpensive. Attempting to crimp contacts without using the specified tool may result in unreliable, poor quality connections.

The wires can then be soldered or plugged onto your PCB assembly.

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